GSOM 2025 (English version)


On February 28, a meeting of GSOM Family alumni living and working in Moscow was held. More than 150 GSOM SPbU alumni of different years came to meet the new Director of the School, learn about the latest news, updated strategy and end Friday night with productive networking.

"The composition of GSOM SPbU Advisory Board includes representatives of companies that account for about 75% of the country's GDP," — Olga Dergunova, the School Director, said in her speech. “For these companies, it is important to recruit the best students, including GSOM alumni. So, we need to understand where are the points of intersection of the interests of education and business, and what mutually beneficial development paths exist. ”

Konstantin Krotov, Head of School, spoke about the collaboration of GSOM with other faculties of St. Petersburg universities and companies using the example of the 5G_Dream_Lab laboratory. Also he said about new types of international cooperation with universities under the double diploma programs.

Alumni took part in an impromptu brainstorming session and helped the School team formulate several key areas of development for the near future:

School needs to develop practice-oriented teaching tools;
the faculty can be expanded by including alumni and business practitioners;
School will have to focus on research projects based on real company cases;
students can get the opportunity to devote a whole "industrial" semester to practice in any of the partner companies;
an incubator for business projects developed by students may appear at the School.

Following the meeting, a working group, which will include representatives of the community of alumni and students, can be created.